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Medical Aid in Dying

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Comfort care at end of life

In California we stand on the verge of becoming the 5th state to approve medical aid in dying. Governor Brown has the legislation on his desk and has not indicated if he will sign the legislation into law. Here is what we know about the proposed law:

  • There is passion on both sides of the debate. Some of the biggest names in end of life care are passionately against it. Read Ira Byock’s editorial here
  • Disability rights advocates are against it. Read their position here.
  • Brittany Maynard began the discussion and her husband continues the adovcacy for people who are dying. Read about their story here.
  • What do organizations who are nuetral have to say on the current state of end of life care? Read the scathing judgement of the Institute of Medicine ( an organization of experts who systematically gather data and produce reports that sysnthesize the data into recommendations)¬†Dying in America report here.
  • Listen to the NPR coverage of the research data that shows end of life care is getting¬†worse in the United States despite years of effort to change it to the better. This study was shocking in more ways than I can state.
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