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US had Brittney New Zealand Has Lecretia

Watch this moving video about Lecretia’s story and the reasons why he continues to campaign for consensual physician-assisted dying for terminally ill patients: carrying, as he says, “a responsibility to ensure that Lecretia’s personal sacrifice wasn’t for nothing.”

Vicker’s  husband from New Zealand talks about their experience in end of life choice when she was diagnosed with brain cancer, Matt Vickers Continue reading US had Brittney New Zealand Has Lecretia

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Joey is Living While she dies -for all of us to see

We have had many different kinds of death played out in the media in the last few years. One of my all-time favorite singers is gifting us with her unique death journey. Joey of Joey+ Rory, both gifted musicians has just entered hospice and we are invited to participate.

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It’s Official – Medical Aid in Dying has come to California

DeathCalifornia became the 5th state to approve Medical Aid in Dying. For more information click here. The  End of Life Options Act was met with intense emotions from supporters and detractors. When the law is fully implemented, terminally ill individuals will have the option to request a prescription from a physician that leads to an immediate and painless death. The guidelines follow those from Oregon that have been in place for 20 years. There are many safeguards against abuse.

This is a mew era for end of life professionals. We have the chance to truly partner with patients and their families to help determine the best option for themselves. No one ever truly gets over the death of a beloved family member of friend, but we can help them get through it. This is a start.

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My view of death


fire forest canada 2006Some years ago Don and I were driving in Canada and saw this image.  I was immediately struck by how it reminded me of what death is.  When I first saw the image the burned out trunks of tress caught me eyes. However, once I looked more deeply into the image I saw the beauty of the growth that the fire made possible. The new purple and white flowers. The new grass surely fed many new animals. It seemed to me that this is the death too. The burning away of the body can be nothing short of the hottest fire.  I live in the fire prone area of California and for the last many years we have been ravaged by fires. But once the body burns away, once the disease takes it’s course, maybe a person and their family, sometimes with our help, can find the beauty that was always present and still there.

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